When most people think about addiction treatment, the first thing that comes to mind is counseling and group therapy. While these are important pillars in recovery, there are now many more options and ways to treat addiction that have a wide range of benefits for both the addict and those around them. In fact, more holistic treatment practices are now becoming the standard for treatment. Even traditional treatment facilities are using new treatments to improve clients’ long-term recovery rates and provide better overall treatment options and opportunities. One of the most effective forms of holistic treatment is yoga. Yoga and addiction treatment have nearly become synonymous because of the many benefits the practice has both in and out of a clinical setting. 

At My Recovery Source, we believe that people with addiction deserve every possible option when it comes to getting sober and staying that way for the long term. To that end, we provide resources and services to addicts and their families to help them find the treatment that works for them, including yoga for addiction recovery. In this post, we are going to discuss yoga, how yoga can be used in addiction recovery, the benefits of yoga for addiction, and how to find yoga recovery programs for addiction.

What is Yoga? 

Yoga is a practice that dates back centuries to India. It has been adopted around the world as a means of both exercise and spiritual connection. The practice involves combining breathing and stretching techniques with self-awareness and mindfulness. Millions of people use it as both a form of exercise as well as holistic therapy to find a better connection with themselves and their emotions. 

The benefits that average people have found from doing yoga have now transitioned over to the treatment of addiction, and in recent years it has seen widespread use in addiction treatment centers across America as a support for traditional therapy and treatment. 

Can Yoga Be Used in Addiction Recovery? 

Yoga is now widely used in addiction recovery. While it is not a primary source of treatment, it works to supplement much of the work that is done with counseling and therapy. Since the goal of addiction recovery is to identify the source of addiction and help the person develop the tools they need to deal with their addiction, yoga is a great source of treatment. Yoga has a number of benefits in recovery, but the primary use is to help clients gain a better connection with themselves emotionally and spiritually, as well as to help improve their overall health with low-impact exercise. 

How Yoga Addiction Recovery is Beneficial 

Yoga is both a physical and mental exercise. As such, it has shown to be incredibly beneficial for those with an addiction. 

First, yoga is a low-impact form of stretching and exercise. This is important for those with an addiction because many of the side effects of addiction can compromise a person’s health and rebuilding a healthy body is an important part of recovery. The stretching and breathing exercises promote balance and control over a person’s body, which is crucial to the recovery process. 

Yoga promotes mindfulness and a connection to the self that many people need when recovering from addiction. Addiction often causes people to lose touch with their loved ones and even their own emotions. They may become anxious or depressed and have difficulty reforging meaningful relationships. Through yoga, a person is able to meditate and reflect on themselves and their feelings and improve the way they communicate. 

The spiritual aspects of yoga help develop deeper connections with a person’s sense of self and purpose. This can help in finding the coping mechanisms necessary to deal with addiction without relapsing.

Find Yoga For Recovery From Addiction

If it sounds like yoga might be a beneficial form of addiction treatment for you or a loved one, then My Recovery Source has the solutions you need. Our network of treatment providers and options have yoga and many other holistic treatment options ready to help you get clean and sober and stay that way. We have assessment tests and quizzes aimed at helping find the top addiction treatment centers to fit your needs, and we have partners in various states that help addicts and families, whether their loved one is addicted to illicit drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications. Our vast network allows us to find the best drug rehab for you just about any situation. Contact us today and start getting the support you need.

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