When most people think about addiction, they think about the person suffering from the addiction and the struggles that they are going through. While it’s true that addiction is a life-altering disease for the person who has it, it also has devastating effects on their family and loved ones as well. Sometimes the best way to help someone recover from addiction is not just finding them rehab but finding them help for their family as well. Addiction support for families is a key component of the recovery process. 

At My Recovery Source, we understand that families suffer too, and we work hard to find resources for alcoholic families, drug addict families, and more. Our goal is to give the person with the addiction and their families all the tools they need to recover successfully. In this post, we are going to look at resources for families of addicts, including how addiction impacts families, support groups for families of addicts, and how to find resources for families of addicts. 

How Does Addiction Impact Families?

The simple truth is addiction impacts families just as hard as the person addicted to drugs or alcohol. Because of the changes that occur when a person is addicted, it often puts pressure on families to try and deal with the changes at all at once. 

For example, a person who is addicted often becomes withdrawn from family and friends. This can change the family dynamic and the way home life works. Once enjoyed, activities become burdens as the person engages in drug-seeking behavior. This puts a strain on interpersonal relationships. When this involves children, it can be incredibly difficult to cope with as children can miss an important parental and support figure. 

Addiction can also cause a family to face financial difficulties. A person with an addiction will often neglect responsibilities like work in favor of doing drugs. This can cause them to lose their job and put the burden on their family members. This is incredibly impactful when the person is the primary financial provider. 

Families often do not know how to communicate and deal with the addict in their family, which can make resolving these issues that much more difficult. 

Are There Support Groups For Families of Addicts? 

Though it is not as well known, there is a multitude of options when it comes to support for families of addicts. Just as the addict has rehab and the support offered there, there is also a support network for families that is available in every community if you know where to look. The offerings cover a wide range of needs, so it is important that families figure out what help they need and look for the right type of support. 

One type of support group that many family members take advantage of is the 12-step support group. These support groups coincide with the ones that addicts attend and give family members a place to share their experiences with others who have addict family members. They can learn coping skills and how to communicate with their loved ones about their recovery and how best to assist them and keep them on track. 

Other support groups include group counseling for family members and support dealing with trauma and other effects of addiction. There are even programs that put the family together with their addict family member and allow them to work through issues guided by a professional, which can help to open the lines of communication and rebuild strained relationships. 

How to Find Resources For Families of Addicts 

If you have a family member with an addiction and are looking for support in dealing with the addiction and recovery process, the My Recovery Source is here for you. We are not a rehab facility but rather a resource for addicts and their families to help them find the services and support they need for their recovery. We have assessment tests and quizzes aimed at helping find the top addiction treatment centers to fit your needs, and we have partners in various states that help addicts and families, whether their loved one is addicted to illicit drugs, alcohol, or prescription medications. Our vast network allows us to find the best drug rehab for you just about any situation. Contact us today and start getting the support you need.

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