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If you’re in search of a drug and alcohol rehab center in Delaware, My Recovery Source is here to provide the assistance you need. Please don’t hesitate to explore our directory below or get in touch with us now if you’re ready to discover personalized addiction treatment solutions.

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If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, you don’t have to go far to find help. At a nearby Delaware rehab center, you can pick a caring, compassionate facility that helps you succeed every step of the way.

Addiction Statistics in Delaware

Delaware is struggling with an opioid crisis. In fact, the majority of people who are hospitalized because of drug and alcohol abuse are using heroin, opiates, and other synthetics.

On average, 9% of Delaware residents have used illegal drugs in the last month, which is 1% higher than the national average.

Most opioids abused in Delaware are taken from friends and family who were given away for free.

Four out of five new heroin users in the state of Delaware started by abusing prescription drugs.

Delaware has the 13th highest fatal opiate overdose rate.

1 out of every 100 people in Delaware is addicted to opiates.

Are There Rehabs in Delaware?

Yes! You can find a Delaware rehab center that fits your needs. 

Delaware drug rehab is divided into two main categories of care:


Inpatient rehabs in Delaware, sometimes called residential, are where you live at the facility full-time. You have twenty-four-hour supervision, you stay on the premises for the duration of your treatment, all of your meals are provided for you, and you attend a full therapy schedule.


Outpatient rehabs in Delaware are very similar, but you go home at the end of the day. They don’t typically include meals or 24-hour supervision. They are intended as a step down for people who have completed inpatient programs or as a standalone treatment for people with less severe needs.

Note: No matter which rehab center in Delaware you choose, your treatment will start with detox. If you are starting an inpatient program, you might complete your detox at the rehab center in Delaware, but if you are doing an outpatient program, you might complete your drug rehab at a Delaware drug rehab center or at a hospital nearby before starting your program.

What to Look For in a Delaware Rehab Center

Choosing rehabs in Delaware can be difficult because there are so many different options. What you look for in a Delaware rehab center might not be the same as what someone else looks for. That is why resources like My Recovery Source are so invaluable.

Dual Diagnosis

Finding a Delaware drug rehab program that incorporates dual diagnosis is imperative if you are struggling with a mental health condition. Dual diagnosis means you get treatment for two diagnoses:


If you have tried Delaware drug rehab in the past and had a relapse, it’s time to look at different therapies. Not everything rehab is suited to each individual. Good rehabs in Delaware will vary in terms of what programs they specialize in, like individual and group therapy or complementary therapy. You might want a facility that has things like:



Art therapy

Animal-assisted therapy





When you speak to different facilities, you can go over their therapies, what each of them entails, and whether it’s a good fit.


Insurance and price are very important. A lot of people who struggle with mental health and addiction don’t get assistance, or they don’t start rehab because they are worried about the cost. But the only way to find out how much the treatment you need costs is to reach out to different rehab centers. Moreover, most insurance plans cover many aspects of rehab like counseling, therapy, and medications.

Find Addiction Treatment in Delaware

Delaware is appealing for a lot of different reasons. The state is rich in outdoor activities in places like Fenwick Island State Park, drawing people from around the country to experience the weather, the culture, and hospitality. And when you are seeking addiction recovery, substance abuse treatment centers in Delaware could hold the key to your success.

There are many drug & alcohol treatment centers in Delaware, but how do you know which is right for you? You need to find a facility with customized programs tailored to your needs, and to do that, all you need to do is call My Recovery Source. Our treatment matching process can help find you the best treatment options that fit your needs. These facilities, offering highly trained staff members and comfortable accommodations, are some of the top rehab centers in the nation, and seeking treatment at the right facility can offer you the peace of mind needed to start healing. Call today to speak with a counselor about all of the different options. We can help you look at the different recovery centers of Delaware and decide which one will help you start on and stay on the path toward getting sober.

Whether you end up choosing a Delaware rehab in Wilmington or Dover, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of an individualized treatment program. If you need a drug & alcohol rehab in Delaware, you can count on quality treatment from our vetted partners.

Finding addiction treatment in Delaware doesn’t have to be hard. With My Recovery Source, you get access to a personalized database where you can compare Delaware rehab facilities side by side. You can pick your favorite rehab centers and look at how they compare in terms of cost, what insurance they accept, what therapies they have, and what amenities they offer, if any.

With simple addiction quizzes and assessments, we make it easy for you to figure out what type of help you need most based on your situation and then guide you toward the top Delaware rehab centers that offer the addiction treatment you need.

Let My Recovery Source help you find addiction treatment today.

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