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Athletes and Celebrities

There seems to be an ongoing connection between fame and addiction. While standing in line at the grocery store, one only needs to look at the magazines and papers on the shelves, and you will see at least one headline about the newest athlete or celebrity who is struggling with addiction. It is also not uncommon to wonder why those who seem to “have it all” seem plagued all too often by the shadow of addiction.

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The unexpected high-risk career

How Going to a Celebrity-Specific Rehab Can Help with Privacy

Celebrity-specific rehabs can be beneficial in a variety of ways. While it is helpful and even encouraging for others to see celebrities share the same struggles they do, going public with a substance use disorder or addiction can sometimes be the death knell for one’s career. As a result, many celebrities and athletes hide, deny or ignore their addictions until they are forced to acknowledge it either due to a medical emergency (such as overdose), a failed drug test (mostly in the case of athletes), or they find themselves in legal trouble. 

Celebrity-specific rehabs protect the image of the celebrity and their “status” in the industry by providing a level of privacy that is often not available in the traditional rehab setting. In a rehab unique to their needs, celebrities can get the help they need without concerns about cameras and reporters waiting at the door. This allows for recovery and their health to be at the forefront of their minds, which is essential to a healthy and long-term recovery. Also, celebrity-specific rehabs provide a level of care that many with celebrity status may desire. These high-class rehab settings offer luxury amenities such as private rooms, spas, world-class chefs, alternative treatment options, and vacation-like settings. Generally, these benefits come at a cost that many cannot afford, and insurance usually does not cover, making them ideal for celebrities as they are often cost-prohibitive to those outside the celebrity income bracket. Some celebrity rehabs will also provide security to those seeking treatment or their family and loved ones. This extra measure helps ensure the privacy and protection of the individual and their visitors. 

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Why Are Celebrities and Athletes Prone to Addiction?

It seems like all too often, the public sees or hears reports of a popular actor, musician, athlete, or someone else who lives in the public eye “losing it all” to substance abuse. Many would look at these individuals and wonder how or why this seems to happen so easily and so frequently. As with non-celebrities, addiction happens for many reasons. For some, environment, genetics, peer pressure, and family history of addiction all play a potential role. While these can certainly increase the likelihood of substance abuse and addiction for celebrities and athletes, they likely are not the sole cause. For this particular demographic, there are likely other factors that intervene as well. 

Ease of Access

Substance use and addiction are costly. For most, their relationship with addition creates a significant drain on their wallet. Addicts are generally required to find creative ways to obtain their substance of choice as regular employment is often insufficient to meet the growing financial demands of a growing habit. On the other hand, celebrities and athletes generally have a bank account that can sustain addition in the way someone with a “traditional” job cannot. Money and fame often give people easier paths to behaviors that can eventually be self-destructive. Their level of financial security provides a level of access most others do not have. 

Time on Their Hands

Whether between movies, tours, seasons, or shows, celebrities and athletes often have long windows of downtime. During these times, some may find an increased need for stimulation. Many who are part of the entertainment industry in some form, lead lives that are vastly different from traditional American with steady employment, a family to care for, and a mortgage to pay. Musicians, for example, spend a significant amount of time on the road with a certain amount of downtime between shows while they move from venue to venue across the nation. This can lead to problems with drugs and alcohol as idol time often encourages bad choices in these areas.  Suppose one needs to wake up each day and report to work at a structured time. In that case, there is a built-in limitation associated with this type of schedule that limits opportunities for the type of impulsivity that often involves drugs and alcohol. 

Wanting the Dopamine Rush

Performing for a crowd of thousands of screaming fans or seeing your name in lights provides a special kind of “high” most never have the opportunity to feel. The activities that celebrities and athletes consider work often come with a tremendous flood of dopamine into the brain. Dopamine is sometimes referred to as a “feel good” neurotransmitter and is responsible for feelings of satisfaction, happiness, and euphoria. For celebrities and athletes, there is a rush of euphoria that comes with their career path. Alcohol and drugs will also produce the same sense of happiness. When musicians are on tour or athletes are in season, they have the opportunity to experience these feelings several nights a week. But, when they slow down for the off-season or between gigs, the chances to experience a dopamine rush also slows. When this happens, many will seek out alternate means of repeating the experience, therefore, turning to drugs or alcohol. 

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How to Find a Rehab for Athletes and Celebrities

Finding celebrity-specific treatment as an athlete or celebrity requires understanding addiction treatment needs but also the needs of the individual seeking treatment. It is essential to do your research to decide on a facility that meets both essential and desired treatment needs. However, it can be time-consuming to gather all of the required information and spend time weighing the pros and cons of each potential option. 

At My Recovery Source, we have done the work for you. We have researched the best celebrity-specific rehabs across the nation and can help guide you towards a facility with the best treatment programs available to meet your needs. If you are ready to seek treatment, reach out to the team at My Recovery Source today to learn more about celebrity-specific rehab options in your area. 

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