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Teen Addiction Treatment

It can be difficult for a parent to acknowledge that your teen is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Some parents may avoid addressing the topic altogether because they are unsure how to cope with the answers they may receive from their teens. Unfortunately, avoiding or denying your teen could or does have an addiction is likely to enable them to continue using. It can also open your teen up to various adverse side effects and life-long challenges that arise from ongoing substance use and abuse. Statistics show that early intervention and comprehensive treatment are key to achieving sobriety and maintaining ongoing recovery. If you are concerned your teen may be struggling with addiction and need help knowing where to start to get them help, contact the team at My Recovery Source today. We can help you find a teen-focused addiction rehab near you today. 

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Teenagers and Addiction

Why Are Teens Prone to Addiction?

An overwhelming majority of adults with substance addictions started using before they turned eighteen. Statistics have shown that substance use in teens before the age of fifteen can make them nearly seven times more likely to develop a substance use disorder or addiction later in life. It can be challenging to understand why teens begin using and why they seem prone to addiction. 

Addiction is a complex disease that changes the brain in many ways. The human brain is not fully developed until about age 25. During these critical development years leading up to early adulthood, the brain is constantly changing and remodeling. During these states, one is the most susceptible to certain risks, including addiction. Before reaching “full development,” the portions of the brain responsible for reasoning are not fully developed. These are the portions of the brain that grow the most during the teen years. As a result, the teen years often involve the most risk-taking and the most prominent display of impulsive and experimental behaviors. It is not necessarily that teens do intend to engage in risky behavior. Still, their lack of full control over behavior and impulse puts them at increased risk for making poor decisions, including drug and alcohol abuse. 

What are the facts?

Statistics of Teens and Addiction

The most commonly abused drugs in teens are alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana. However, other drugs are commonly abused by members of this age group as well. In 2017, approximately 2.3 million American teens between the ages of twelve and seventeen began to drink alcohol, and 1.2 million teens in the same age group used marijuana for the first time. Also, another 604,000 began using tobacco products. Hallucinogenic drug abuse, inhalant abuse, prescription opioid abuse, and other illicit drug use among teens has also increased over the last decade. 

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How to have the hard conversations

How to Talk to Your Teen About Their Addiction

If you are concerned your teen may be struggling with addiction, it is critical to find a way to communicate with them as soon as possible. The earlier you seek addiction treatment for your teen, the more likely they will succeed at achieving sobriety and recovery. At My Recovery Source, we understand these conversations are not easy. If you are concerned about your teen but do not know where to start, contact the team at My Recovery Source. Our staff can guide you towards a teen-focused addiction treatment center where your teen and your family can receive the addiction treatment help they need. 

Also, it is essential to ask, not accuse. While you may have suspicions, it is critical not to assume they are correct. Give your teen a chance to explain and communicate openly with you. Do not be afraid to ask direct questions but do so with compassion and empathy.  As you begin to talk to your teen about addiction, it is essential for you as a parent to be prepared for what they may say and how you may feel if they reveal they have been using. You must be emotionally prepared and not let your emotions dictate your reaction, which could derail your conversation’s potential success. 

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How to Find a Teen Rehab Near You

If your teen struggles with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, do not wait to get help. Many teens who struggle with addiction need help to detox from substances and comprehensive support throughout their addiction treatment journey. Because addiction affects everyone differently, it is essential to ensure the treatment program you choose is teen-focused and skilled in treating any co-occurring mental or physical health concerns your teen struggles with, in addition to their substance use disorder. If your teen has reached the level of addiction when detox is necessary, an inpatient treatment program is likely the safest choice. In a residential addiction treatment program, your teen will receive comprehensive, evidence-based therapy in a program designed around their unique treatment needs and goals. 

Sending your teen to addiction treatment away from home may be one of the most challenging decisions you need to make as a parent. However, if your teen is struggling with addiction, seeking treatment and attaining sobriety are vital to helping them return home to a future free of substance use and dependence. Unfortunately, teens who struggle with substance abuse and do not seek treatment often continue to fight against their addiction well into adulthood. In these cases, their addictions impact employment, relationships, their family, and their loved ones. If you believe your teen is struggling with addiction to alcohol or drugs, don’t wait to seek addiction help.

Not all rehabs are equipped to manage the unique needs associated with teen addiction treatment. For your teen to be successful, it is essential their treatment program addresses the specific circumstances surrounding your teen’s needs. Across the United States, there are thousands of addiction treatment centers, and the process of determining which one is suited for your family can be challenging. At My Recovery Source, we can help you find a teen rehab near you where your teen can begin working towards sobriety and recovery. If you are concerned your teen is struggling with addiction, don’t wait another day to help them find healing. Contact the team at My Recovery Source today. 

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