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Executive Rehab Programs

Addiction is a disease that knows no bounds. Each year in the United States, more than twenty-one million people struggle with addiction and substance use disorders. For many, there are often significant barriers to treatment. In some cases, it is a fear of shame and stigma. For others, there are challenges related to how their family will “get by” while they are gone. Still, for others, there are challenges surrounding employment and how they will be perceived by their employer (or employees) if they take time off to seek addiction treatment. 

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The unexpected high-risk career

Overview of Addiction and High-Level Executives

High-level executives such as Chief Executive Officers (CEOs), Chief Financial Officers (CFO’s), and Chief Operating Officers (COO’s) are often concerned about how their businesses will operate without them in the office. Executive rehabs provide therapy in settings that allow someone to seek vital addiction treatment while creating a minimal impact on both their professional and personal lives. Not all addiction rehabs distinguish themselves as executive (or luxury) rehabs. If you are curious about executive rehabs near you, reach out to the team at My Recovery Source. Our staff has researched rehabs across the nation and can help you decide if executive rehab is right for you. 

Let's dive into the why

Why Are Executives Prone to Addiction?

High-level corporate and managerial executives are often the last people many think of when they think about addiction. Many believe these people “have it all,” so why should they struggle or need to turn to something like drugs or alcohol. For some executives, the answer may be stress. One of the most common factors leading to addiction is the use of substances to cope. People turn to substances to cope with mental health, environmental factors, family issues, and stress. Many executives are under significant pressure but lack the healthy coping strategies necessary to manage it in a healthy way. Therefore, substances often enter their lives and, in some cases, do not easily leave. Other reasons may include financial capability, mental illness, physical injury, and peer influence. 

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The facts

Statistics of Executives and Addiction

According to recent data provided by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), addiction is not a challenge reserved for the uneducated (or undereducated), unemployed or underprivileged. Research from 2015 showed that of the more than twenty-one million adults (ages eighteen to sixty-four) with a substance use disorder, approximately seventy-two percent are employed. Of those, almost twelve percent were employed in the management sector (executives and other managers). In addition, ten percent of executives reported heavy alcohol use within the last month, and over twelve percent reported illicit drug use. Further research shows that Americans with a college education and fall into the upper-income category are more likely to drink alcohol than other Americans. In fact, seventy-eight percent of those who earn more than $75,000 annually struggle with problem drinking, whereas only forty-five percent of Americans with an annual income lower than $30,000 experience problem drinking.  

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Benefits of Going to an Executive Rehab

For sobriety and recovery to be possible, addiction treatment is an essential first step for most struggling with a substance use disorder. Unfortunately, when an individual has a hefty amount of responsibility at work, they may choose to forego (or postpone) potentially life saving addiction treatment out of fears related to their business and personal success. This is where executive rehabs can be so beneficial. Executive rehab programs provide a safe and confidential way for executives and high-level business professionals to begin their sobriety journey by starting addiction treatment while still attending daily meetings and participating in day-to-day business operations. Executive rehabs provide a way for high-level professionals to seek and receive addiction treatment while remaining connected to their business and family. Many executive rehab programs include specific amenities that are not found in traditional rehab programs. 

Executive rehabs provide accessibility to the business amenities that many working executives need to continue daily business operations. Some examples include workspaces, meeting rooms, and access to the internet and personal phones. In many traditional rehab programs, these options are not provided (or available) as they can interfere with the treatment process. Executive rehabs also offer various high-end services such as spa treatments, gourmet meals, private trainers, and larger private rooms. Due to the higher cost often associated with executive rehab, they also provide the benefit of lower staff to patient ratios allowing for a highly personalized level of care. 

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How to Find an Executive Rehab

When deciding to go to rehab, it is essential to find the right program to suit your unique addiction treatment needs. When looking into various executive rehab programs, it is essential to make sure the program you choose provides the features you are looking for, including computer access, a private bedroom, gourmet meals, and meeting spaces. It is also essential to look for a facility that offers individualized, custom treatment programs instead of more “cookie-cutter” programs that provide the same treatment model for all patients. Finally, it is also important to ensure the program you select has staff available to address any other mental health issues or co-occurring substance use disorders you struggle with. Be sure to ask about what kind of follow-up and aftercare programs are available following your treatment program. 

Across the United States, there are thousands of addiction treatment programs of various kinds. Not every program provides executive-level treatment services and amenities. 

Researching and finding a program that offers the level of services and amenities you are looking for can be time-consuming and challenging, especially if you are unsure where to begin. Let the team at My Recovery Source reduce the work for you. Our knowledgeable team has researched rehabs throughout the United States and learned which treatments, benefits, and amenities each provides for their patients.  We have developed working relationships with addiction treatment centers across the nation so we can help take the challenge out of seeking treatment no matter where you live. If you are ready to seek addiction treatment, contact the team at My Recovery Source today. Let us guide you towards executive rehabs near you.

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