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When you’re in search of a drug and alcohol rehab center in Michigan, rest assured that My Recovery Source is your resource. Please feel free to peruse our directory below, and if you’re ready to explore customized addiction treatment options, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your journey to recovery starts with us.

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Top-Rated Drug Rehabs in Michigan

Harbor Detox

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Dallas Detox Center

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Ocean Coast Recovery

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Marina Harbor Detox

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Hillside Mission

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Laguna View Detox

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If you know someone who has been to rehab for an alcohol or drug addiction and still continues to struggle with recovery, chances are they may not have found the right recovery solution for them. No matter where you live, addiction is a problem for many people, and the state of Michigan is no exception. That doesn’t mean you should not keep trying and that there is no way to get help to find the right kind of rehab for your situation. The important thing is to keep trying, no matter if you have relapsed before. 

If you’ve tried and failed, then you need the help of My Recovery Source. Our goal is to take your unique situation and find you the right Michigan addiction treatment to fit it, guiding you to lasting recovery. We have a network of treatment partners so that we can provide the right type of treatment in the right setting for any of our clients, no matter what kind of Michigan drug and alcohol rehab they may need. We are able to find services in your backyard or anywhere across America.

Facts About Drug Use in Michigan

When it comes to addiction, symptoms, and outcomes, Michigan faces many of the same problems that are plaguing the rest of the United States. Three areas of note are mental health issues, barriers to care, and the opioid epidemic. 

Of particular note, opioid deaths are up four times what they were in 2011 over a ten-year period and continue to grow year over year. The effect of the opioid epidemic on Michigan has only been increased thanks to the Covid 19 epidemic. Current data shows that opioids are responsible for 82% of all overdose deaths in the state of Michigan, making it the number one concern in the state in terms of drug addiction and treatment. 

As of 2023, roughly 30% of all adults in Michigan reported having some form of anxiety or major depressive disorder. This number sits around the national average. Along with this number, roughly one-third of those who self-reported also stated that they needed care for their mental illness but did not have access to it. This can be directly correlated to the number of people who are struggling with addiction, as addiction and mental health are closely linked. 

Ultimately, what we see in Michigan is that many citizens are suffering from addiction and do not have adequate access to care to get clean or are unaware of the availability of treatment. That is why My Recovery Source is here, to find the treatment you need for you based on the criteria that you give us about your life and your addiction.

My Recovery Source is a free resource devoted to helping people with dependency issues find the facility that’s right for them. We will help you find treatment regardless of your location or personal or financial situation. Call or email today to find assistance for yourself or a loved one. 

Find Addiction Treatment in Michigan

Methamphetamines have been one of the leading causes of drug-related crimes and overdoses in Michigan. In response, local agencies area tightening drug possession laws to help lower drug abuse rates. This makes the state of Michigan a destination and resource for recovery. When you’re seeking addiction recovery, substance abuse treatment centers in Michigan could hold the key to your success.

There are many drug & alcohol treatment centers in Michigan, but how do you know which is right for you? You need to find a facility with customized programs tailored to your needs, and to do that, all you need to do is call My Recovery Source. Our treatment matching process can help find you the best treatment options that fit your needs. These facilities, offering highly trained staff members and comfortable accommodations, are some of the top rehab centers in the nation, and seeking treatment at the right facility can offer you the peace of mind needed to start healing. Call today to speak with a counselor about all of the different options. We can help you look at the different recovery centers of Michigan and decide which one will help you start on and stay on the path toward getting sober.

Whether you end up choosing an Michigan rehab in Detroit or Flint, you’ll be able to experience the benefits of an individualized treatment program. If you need a drug & alcohol rehab in Michigan, you can count on quality treatment from our vetted partners.

When you are ready to get help for your addiction, the next step is to decide what type of help you need. Our quizzes and assessments can help identify areas of struggle and issues that may be causing you to relapse, and this can help narrow down the exact type of treatment you need. From there, we can work with you to find the treatment facility that works for you. 

Knowing what options are available will help you make the right decision along with our help. For example, suppose you have already tried outpatient rehab before. In that case, you may want to try an inpatient or partial hospitalization program to make sure that you get both the medical care and the supervision you need to stay on the path of sobriety. 

If you also need help with mental health issues, then that is something to consider as well. You will need special treatment to deal with both addiction and mental illness. Other things to consider include the types of treatment available, such as traditional therapy, and holistic options like art therapy, and location. Picking the right location means finding the rehab program that best enables you to overcome your addiction and move on to the next phase of your recovery rather than continuing to relapse. 

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