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Beacon Health Options is the result of a 2014 merger between Beacon Health Strategies and ValueOptions. As the largest privately held company of its type in the United States, Beacon Health Options provides insurance for approximately fifty million customers across the nation. In addition, they have over 350 corporate clients, several of which are listed as Fortune 500 Companies. Beacon Health Options partners with several external health plans to enhance coverage opportunities for its clients. 

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Does Beacon Pay for Drug Rehab?

Unlike many insurance providers, Beacon Health Options specializes in coverage for behavioral health and substance abuse disorder treatment. This makes Beacon Health Options unique in the insurance marketplace. By specializing in addiction and mental health treatment needs, Beacon Health Options better understands the specialized nature of this type of care. Consequently, many other health insurance providers have third party arrangements with Beacon Health Options to provide behavioral health and substance abuse coverage and treatment options. 

Beacon Health Options maintains a full-time clinical staff to answer calls from their members and providers at any time of day. Beacon runs a program called “Stamp Out Stigma,” which aims to end the pervasive stigma associated with mental illness and substance abuse. They work with a support network of medical professionals and recovery-focused treatment programs to ensure members have access to the most comprehensive treatment options possible.

As with most insurance, the plans provided by Beacon Health Options vary widely in the type and amount of coverage they provide for various needs. Given their focus on behavioral health and addiction treatment, it is not surprising that most of the company’s plans offer coverage for some amount of substance abuse treatment. Also, some of their plans provide primarily or even exclusively that type of coverage. Because many Beacon Health Options plans are provided in partnership with other health insurance providers, the coverage provided by their partner plans may also influence the coverage available to Beacon customers. 

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What Does Beacon Cover for Rehab?

Beacon Health Options provides extensive inpatient treatment coverage in addition to coverage for outpatient treatment expenses. Beacon Health Options typically requires that addiction and mental health treatment providers be in-network. In most cases, services provided by out-of-network facilities will have to be paid for out of pocket by the member. However, this requirement may vary from plan to plan. This variance is especially true in situations where the plan is provided in partnership with a third-party insurance provider who has partnered with Beacon Health Options. Although Beacon Health Options generally require providers to be in-network, there are various protections in place in instances where emergency services and emergency treatment are necessary. Should these services or treatments be provided by an out of network provider without the knowledge of the patient, for example, if an inpatient doctor sent a blood sample to an out of network laboratory, there are certain provisions in place that will either cover such services either partially or in their entirety. 

With a Beacon Health Options member seeks inpatient treatment, the type and amount of coverage will vary between plans. As previously noted, it will also differ among the partnerships that Beacon Health Options maintains with other insurance providers. Beacon Health Options various plans cover most inpatient rehab services although the exact level and amount of coverage are determined based on the member’s individual plan. Even when providers are in-network, policyholders are generally expected to pay copays and meet plan deductibles. Most Beacon Health Options plans include coverage for screening services, assessment, medical exams, detox services, inpatient rehab stays, addiction treatment medications, behavioral therapies, and other treatments provided in the inpatient treatment setting. 

Beacon Health Options also provides coverage for various outpatient treatment services. Like inpatient treatment options, the specific coverage will vary by plan, and providers are required to be in-network unless there is an emergency or accidental exception that occurs without the patient’s knowledge. Beacon Health Options covers many outpatient rehab services. In some cases, these services are covered in their entirety and in others only partially. Also, like inpatient services, policyholders are responsible for copays and deductibles. In almost all cases, outpatient mental health and addiction treatment programs are less expensive than inpatient options. However, the level of coverage provided by your Beacon Health Options plan may or may not be impacted by whether you choose an inpatient or outpatient treatment option. 

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How Long Does Beacon Pay for Rehab?

The duration of treatment covered under a Beacon Health Options plan will vary depending on the type of treatment (inpatient, outpatient, etc.) and the specific plan you have. There will also be variations depending on any partner plan you have as part of your Beacon Health Options plan. The best way to determine how long Beacon Health Options will pay for your addiction treatment or Mental Health Treatment needs is to contact them directly. You can also reach out to the team at My Recovery Source for guidance. They can work with you and Beacon Health Options to help you better understand how your coverage will help pay for addiction or mental health treatment. 

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Find a Drug Rehab That Takes Beacon Health Options

If you have a Beacon Health Options policy and would like to learn more about what they cover and which rehabs they work with, you can contact Beacon Health Options directly for more information. Their website has an extensive list of providers they work with across the nation. If you cannot access their website or would like assistance in understanding how a Beacon Health Options plan can help reduce the cost of addiction and mental health treatment, reach out to the team at My Recovery Source. Our knowledgeable and compassionate staff can help you learn more about addiction and mental health treatment and how you can use insurance benefits to reduce the out-of-pocket cost for you and your family. If you are ready to get help but are unsure how to find a rehab that takes Beacon Health Options, contact My Recovery Source today. Let us help you take the first steps towards sobriety and recovery today. 

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