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Drug Rehabs
For Men

If you have considered seeking addiction treatment, there is a possibility you have considered a gender-specific addiction treatment center. Gender-specific treatment settings are those drug and alcohol addiction programs that are designed to treat men and women separately. There are many studies that point to the differences in how men and women become addicted to substances and how they attain sobriety and recover from their addictions. These studies suggest differences in many areas, including rates of dependence, substances of choice, and how the brain and body react to substance use. Also, there is sufficient data to show that men and women often begin using for different reasons, relapse for various reasons, and seek or avoid treatment for different reasons. Gender-specific rehab programs consider these essential differences when designing treatment programs to address the unique differences between the sexes in the treatment setting. 

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Men's addiction in america

Substance Abuse
and Men

Although gender preferences can be non-binary, physical biology plays a significant role in addiction. Many men often begin engaging in substance use due to the perceived benefits they may attain from their drug of choice. For example, they may choose to use a particular drug because they believe they will have enhanced concentration, improved social skills, improved physical performance, or even enhanced sexual drive and performance. Men also begin using at higher rates than women, but their frequency and level of use does not typically increase as quickly. Men are also less likely to seek addiction treatment early on and struggle to decide when and if it is appropriate to seek treatment or detox services. 

Biology also plays a role in the substance of choice. Men are more likely than women to abuse alcohol and marijuana, whereas women are more likely to abuse prescription drugs. Also, men are more likely than women to use or abuse almost all types of illicit drugs resulting in increased incidences of emergency room visits and overdose deaths. 

How gender-specific rehab benefits men

Benefits of Drug Rehab for Men

Men have unique and specific needs when it comes to addiction treatment. Many of these have to do with stigmas related to male cultural roles and stereotypes. It is not uncommon for men to be fearful of entering addiction treatment because they worry about how others will perceive them. They are often concerned that members of the community or their social circle will view them as weak or judge them for “failing” to overcome addiction on their own (or even for succumbing to addiction in the first place). Men often take longer in the treatment setting to open up and disclose their struggles or emotions to a group or even in private counseling sessions. Because of this, specific therapy models are often more successful for men than others may be. Men tend to respond better to treatment models designed to address specific negative thought patterns and behaviors rather than those therapy models that encourage introspection and self-examination. 

Another consideration addressed in male gender-specific rehab is male sexual abuse. Unfortunately, this is an issue that is often overlooked in traditional mixed-gender treatment settings. Although the subject of sexual abuse is indeed sensitive to both genders, it is extremely sensitive for men-sometimes even more so than for women. Because of this, issues of sexual abuse can be handled and addressed more openly and honestly in a single-gender setting. Drug rehabs for men provide an understanding and compassionate environment where men seeking sobriety can build strong peer support groups and develop the support foundation necessary for lasting recovery and sobriety.

PersonalizedTreatment Options.

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What Men's Gender-Specific Rehab Entails

Men and women often have different expectations and goals regarding rehab. Gender-specific programs offer several benefits guided toward helping men attain these goals. Some examples include:

The Opportunity to Share (Comfortably) Difficult Experiences

Men in recovery often have difficulty expressing difficult emotions or sharing their experiences related to addition in a mixed-gender setting. They may be more reluctant to open up about the events that led to and propagated their addiction when women are part of the group. This is even more true when women may have been part of the triggering events that led to their addiction or if they have been victims of physical or sexual abuse in the past. A male-specific treatment setting allows men to express fears and emotions in an environment where they are surrounded by peers who may have experienced similar situations. 

Developing a New Social Circle

Men who experience substance abuse and addiction disorders often experience mood issues (including anger and power issues) at a greater rate than women. For this reason, men tend to have more success in attaining and maintaining sobriety in a gender-specific program that addresses these issues while surrounded by other men who can relate to their emotions. Men who have a history of being the aggressor in situations of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse should always participate in a gender-specific addiction treatment program. 

Male Oriented Problem-Solving Strategies

Men and women generally thrive in different treatment settings. Women are usually more successful in programs that are warmer and more open in the therapeutic environment. On the other hand, men are often more successful in programs that are less personal and more directed towards problem-solving and behavior modification. Drug rehabs for men take these treatment considerations into account when designing their therapy programs. 

For addiction treatment for men to be the most successful, it is essential for treatment to be unique to individual treatment needs. The first step in the treatment process is determining the level of care you need to best achieve your treatment goals. Gender-specific rehab can occur in either an inpatient residential or an outpatient setting. The best programs will use a combination of cognitive-behavioral therapy and other evidence-based therapies and interventions to address the addiction of any other co-occurring mental or physical health conditions. This holistic (or whole person) approach to treatment ensures the best outcomes and helps men seeking treatment develop healthier thought and behavior patterns. Also, during treatment at a gender-specific rehab, men will learn and practice essential skills they will need after treatment to handle triggers, including negative emotions, cravings, and stress. Addiction is a disease that is characterized by instances of relapse for both women and men. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, men who successfully complete an addiction treatment program of at least ninety days are three times more likely to maintain sobriety long-term than those who do not seek addiction treatment. 

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How to Find a Men's Rehab Near You

A vast body of research shows some men will find more success in addiction treatment through a gender-specific rehab program. Data from various studies and surveys show that addressing addiction elements and risks unique to gender may improve the chances one will stay in treatment for the entire course of their program. Gender-specific treatment programs also improve treatment outcomes across both genders. Male centered addiction treatment programs can help you to address the concerns and issues unique to men in an environment that promotes safety, understanding, and healing. 

If you are considering addiction treatment and are interested in a drug rehab for men, it may be challenging to determine which programs near you meet your needs. The team at My Recovery has researched addiction treatment centers across the nation. Our knowledgeable staff can work with you to find a men’s rehab near you that meets your treatment needs and goals. Let My Recovery help you take the first steps towards sobriety at a drug rehab for men near you today.

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