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If you’re in need of a drug and alcohol rehab facility in Hawaii, My Recovery Source is your reliable resource. You are welcome to browse our directory below or contact us without delay if you’re prepared to explore your tailored addiction treatment options.

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Though for most who’ve been and who live there, Hawaii feels like a tropical paradise, it is not without its problems. One of the problems that many who live in Hawaii struggle with is substance abuse and addiction. From alcohol abuse to prescription pills to illicit drugs, addiction is a problem that even the island state has not been spared from. However, just because some people are struggling with addiction doesn’t mean that there is no way to get help. Finding the right addiction treatment center can make all the difference in whether a person recovers and lives a life free of addiction, or continues to relapse and continue using. Once you find the right Hawaii addiction treatment facility, you’ll soon be on the road to recovery. 

My Recovery Source can help you find the best rehab near you. Today we are going to discuss substance abuse rates in Hawaii, the levels of drug rehab available in Hawaii, and how to find the best alcohol and drug rehab in Hawaii. No one should have to struggle with addiction alone, and My Recovery Source is here to help.

Substance Abuse Rates in Hawaii

Substance abuse rates in Hawaii are right along the national average, with roughly 9% of residents admitting to having used an illicit drug in the past month. Among the collected data, Hawaii’s highest drug usage rates were amphetamines (meth) and prescription drugs, namely opioids. 

The data shows that among quality of life decline, homelessness, and poverty, amphetamine use was to blame. Conversely, when it came to overdoses and deaths, opioids were the top contributor. 

Amphetamines were still the most widely used drugs in Hawaii, and among persons using them, two-thirds of them were male compared to the other one-third identifying as female. Among opioid use, the vast majority were prescription related, while some did admit to moving on to illicit opioids like heroin when a prescription was not available. 

Among those who identify as needing treatment, Hawaii sits right around the national average, with roughly 4% of the population stating they need treatment, while only 1% is getting the treatment they need. It is unclear whether this is due to a lack of information about treatment or due to other circumstances. 

It is known that those who undergo professional treatment for addiction have a much higher chance of overcoming their addiction and staying clean for the long term.

What Levels of Drug Rehab Are Available in Hawaii?

Despite many people struggling with addiction, there are a wide range of treatment levels and options available for those that seek treatment in Hawaii. 

For those with mild issues, outpatient drug rehab programs allow people to live and work while attending treatment in their spare time and returning home. 

For patients needing more support, inpatient programs range from residential stays to partial hospitalization and fully medically supervised inpatient treatment. This type of treatment is best for those who have struggled with their addiction and need extra help or for those with underlying health issues requiring constant monitoring and medical supervision. 

There are also a number of specialized programs for dealing with things like adolescent and teen substance abuse, co-occurring disorders like mental illness and addiction and gender-specific treatment. 

No matter what type of struggle you or your loved one is going through, there is a Hawaii drug and alcohol rehab that can help.

How to Find the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Hawaii

Finding the best drug and alcohol rehab in Hawaii isn’t that difficult, it starts with coming to My Recovery Source and talking with one of our representatives about your needs. You can then take one of our specialized assessment tests to see what type of treatment is right for your unique addiction. This will help match you with the program that is right for you. 

From there, we have a range of support and treatment options that we can help connect you with, and we can even provide aftercare and support once treatment has ended. The first step is always the hardest, but once you come to My Recovery Source, we will find you the help you need to beat your addiction in Hawaii. Reach out to us today.

When most people think about Hawaii, they think of the gorgeous beaches, sprawling jungles, and hiking up volcanos. But are you starting to see your addiction as an eruption waiting to happen? If so, it is time to start looking at the many quality drug rehabs that Hawaii has to offer. Not only do these addiction treatment centers provide top-rated care, but Hawaii provides a serene environment while you recover.

Drug and alcohol rehabs in Hawaii come in all shapes and sizes. Many take most private insurances and you can find state to luxury programs. My Recovery Source understands the importance of choosing the right drug treatment center in Hawaii. You need individualized attention in a comfortable environment so that you can focus on healing, and we can work with our large recovery network to find the treatment center and program that will work best for you. Call today to speak with one of our client care specialists and find out how we can help you transition to a place filled with hope and possibilities.

If you are traveling to Hawaii to attend rehab, this is an opportunity to take a break from the stress that may have led to addiction in the first place. Being away from your home and the environment you are used to can give you perspective, especially in a beautiful area like Hawaii. By the time you’ve completed your program successfully, you’ll be energized and ready to return home and start over.

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