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Aetna Rehabs

If you have Aetna insurance and wonder how your coverage can help you receive treatment that meets your unique needs and goals, contact the team at My Recovery Source today. Our team can work with you and your insurance company to help you understand the type and level of coverage provided by your Aetna policy. 

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Does Aetna Pay for Drug Rehab?

Many insurance companies set a predetermined limit (sometimes yearly and sometimes lifelong) on substance abuse and mental health treatments. This does not look at the individual as a whole or consider what their lifetime addiction treatment needs may be. Addiction is a chronic, often relapsing disease that sometimes brings people back for addiction treatment multiple times. Insurance policies that set an annual or lifetime limit on addiction treatment sometimes limit one’s ability to seek subsequent treatment should they be one of the nearly 60% of people who relapse after completing treatment the first time. On the other hand, Aetna recognizes that there is no cookie-cutter addiction treatment program when it comes to drug and alcohol abuse. Consequently, Aetna insurance providers work with the individual’s unique and individual treatment needs and goals to find a solution that works best for them.

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What Does Aetna Cover for Rehab?

To determine what your individual Aetna policy will cover, it is essential to contact them directly. If you are unsure about what questions to ask or uncomfortable contacting Aetna directly, you can contact the team at My Recovery Source. Our experienced professionals can help you better understand what types of treatment services are available to you through Aetna. Before deciding on a specific addiction treatment center, it is important to understand financial elements such as coinsurance, copays, and deductibles. These are items that you will be responsible for out of pocket, and each policy or benefit level may be different. With most Aetna insurance, policyholders may be covered for essential substance abuse and addiction treatment services, including detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation services, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, and continuing care (also referred to as aftercare) treatment services. The type of treatment or treatment level for you will vary depending on the severity of your addiction, how long you have been using, and the type of substance or substances that you use. For some, who struggle with chronic or severe addiction, inpatient level services may be appropriate. Whereas for others, their addiction treatment needs may be best met at an intensive outpatient treatment program. Again, this decision is best made by consulting your primary care provider, a mental health provider, or contacting an Aetna addiction treatment center near you. 

Another consideration when looking for an Aetna affiliated treatment program is whether your Aetna policy requires your treatment center to be in-network. Although not all Aetna plans require service providers to be in-network, it is important to note the out of network programs may cost more. It is also important to note that out of network programs may not have been screened for treatment that is consistent with the current standards of practice Aetna requires providers to adhere to. All in-network programs have been screened for quality care and adherence to modern principles as required by Aetna. In some cases, precertification or authorization of a treatment program may be required for services to be covered. It is essential to ensure that your substance abuse treatment program of choice meets precertification requirements before you begin the program. Failure to do so could result in the cost of the program being 100% out of pocket. 

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How Long Does Aetna Pay for Rehab?

Your Aetna policy will cover various lengths of treatment to ensure you receive comprehensive addiction treatment services as you seek sobriety. Again, your chosen treatment program, and therefore the length of stay required, will depend on your unique treatment needs. Most Aetna policies will pay for the cost of (either in whole or partially depending on deductibles and copays) for the following: 

As previously mentioned, Aetna understands that addiction treatment is unique to the person. Therefore, it is not unrealistic for each person to need treatment programs of differing lengths and intensity. What Aetna will cover will depend on your benefit level, so it is essential to contact Aetna with any questions you may have before beginning a treatment program.

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Find a Drug Rehab That Takes Aetna

The best way to better understand how your Aetna policy will help cover addiction treatment is to check with Aetna directly or seek assistance from the knowledgeable team at our drug addiction hotline. As with many insurance companies, plans and coverage levels vary from person to person and plan to plan. Therefore, it is essential to understand the specific details of your unique plan before committing to a particular addiction treatment program. Depending on your plan, Aetna may require a medical referral, preauthorization, or other qualifying factors before services at a drug or alcohol rehab center will be covered. 

Depending on your copays and deductibles, addiction treatment may be fully or partially covered by your Aetna policy. In most cases, you will receive the most substantial financial benefit by choosing an in-network rehab facility; however, this is not always the case with some Aetna policies. Depending upon the region where you live, there may be many treatment facilities to choose from that accept your Aetna insurance. The team at My Recovery Source has worked to foster relationships with the best addiction treatment providers in the nation. If the search process is becoming overwhelming, we can help you find the best rehab to suit your needs where your Aetna plan is accepted. Fears surrounding how to pay for addiction treatment should not prevent you from seeking vital and sometimes life-saving help at one of the many inpatient or outpatient addiction treatment facilities in the United States. Your Aetna policy can help ensure that addiction treatment is possible. Let My Recovery Source help you find a drug rehab that takes Aetna today. 

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