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Multiplan Insurance

Multiplan is a PPO network specializing in providing commercial and government health plans to those in need of health insurance. Multiplan is not an insurance provider and, therefore, doesn’t sell health insurance directly to individuals or employers. Obtaining health coverage through one of Multiplans preferred provider organization (PPO) networks may help minimize the financial impacts of seeking addiction treatment. The team at My Recovery Source can help you search for rehab centers that are in-network with Multiplan. This can help lower the cost for you or your loved one’s essential addiction treatment. 

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Does Multiplan Pay for Drug Rehab?

Because Multiplan is not an insurance provider, it does not directly pay for drug rehab services. However, many common addiction treatment services may be fully or partially covered by insurance plans provided through Multiplan. Multiplan has an extensive network of nearly one million behavioral health and medical providers. Insurance companies that work with Multiplan can choose to include this network within their individual benefit plants. Depending on your particular insurance provider, this affiliation with Multiplan may lead to reduced costs for a wide variety of substance abuse and mental health treatment services. So, while Multiplan does not pay for drug rehab, the many insurance companies that work with multi plan cover addiction treatment services at various levels. Therefore, it is important to know which specific provider your Multiplan insurance is through to understand better the level and type of addiction treatment coverage you may have. 

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What Does Multiplan Cover for Rehab?

The type of treatment, level of treatment, and duration of coverage will depend on your individual insurance plan. The best way to ensure the lowest out of pocket cost is to ensure that the addiction treatment center you choose is in-network with Multiplan. Most PPO plans will offer coverage (to varying levels) as long as the provider is in-network. Substance abuse treatment services that may be eligible for Multiplan coverage typically include detox services, inpatient treatment programs, medication-assisted treatment, outpatient addiction treatment programs, and prescription medications sometimes used during aftercare treatment programs to reduce cravings and help during the early stages of recovery. 

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How Long Does Multiplan Pay for Rehab?

The length of treatment for which financial coverage is available through your insurance will depend on the type of treatment and level of care you require. For many, the first step in overcoming addiction is detox. Depending on the type of substance you use and the duration of your addiction, the detox process can last anywhere from 3 to 7 days. Most insurance plans will cover medically-assisted detox at an addiction treatment center. Medical detox programs are often highly recommended by most doctors for withdrawing from most addictive substances, especially opioids and alcohol. Many insurance policies will help cover the cost of detoxing but whether or not your Multiplan insurance covers detox depends on your individual policy and insurance provider. In some cases, it is required to submit prior authorization to your insurance to receive coverage for inpatient detox services. 

Inpatient addiction treatment programs require you to live onsite in a rehab center for the duration of the program. Most insurance programs will pay for up to 180 days of inpatient care. Because Multiplan is not an insurance provider, it is important to check the policies of your specific insurance provider to see if you have inpatient rehab coverage and what duration and level of care are covered. Similarly, outpatient care is also covered by many plans to varying levels and for varying durations. 

The best way to determine how long Multiplan will pay for rehab is to directly contact your insurance provider. If you are unsure what questions to ask, reach out to the team at My Recovery Source. Our team of professionals is highly experienced with Multiplan and many other insurance companies and, therefore, can help guide you through the process. We understand how challenging working with insurance companies can be and are here to help guide you every step of the way. 

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Find a Drug Rehab That Takes Multiplan

Because Multiplan itself is not a unique insurance provider, the process of finding a rehab program that accepts your Multiplan policy may seem confusing. However, it doesn’t have to be. The team at My Recovery Source is here to help you better understand how Multiplan can increase your options for addiction treatment. 

Seeking addiction treatment without insurance is scary and expensive. Lack of financial coverage is one of the primary reasons many of the millions of Americans who struggle with addiction choose not to seek addiction treatment. With an insurance policy through Multiplan, addiction treatment, and a start on the path to sobriety is within reach. Multiplan insurance benefits cover many essential addiction treatment services beginning with detox and continuing through aftercare. 

If you or a loved one are struggling with addiction and are ready to seek treatment at one of the thousands of addiction treatment centers across the nation that accept Multiplan, reach out to the team at My Recovery Source today. Our courteous and professional staff can help you learn more about your treatment options and the essential next steps on your journey to sobriety. The process of finding the right addiction treatment center can seem overwhelming, but if you are ready to take the next step, the team at my recovery is ready to help. 

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