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Cigna Insurance is a global organization with millions of customer relationships around the world. Cigna is one of several insurance providers who have altered their benefit plans to ensure those in need of vital, often life-saving addiction treatment have the means to access and pay for services. Because insurance can be confusing when one tries to narrow down what their coverage will pay for, the team at My Recovery is here to help. Our team can work with you and your insurance company to help you understand the type and level of coverage provided by your Cigna policy. 

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Does Cigna Pay for Drug Rehab?

Yes, Cigna insurance policies pay for drug rehab. Like many insurance providers, Cigna provides various levels of healthcare coverage. Depending on your coverage level, your plan may cover some or all of the cost of services related to drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehabilitation, Detox services, and ongoing addiction treatment counseling. Cigna has also created a specific division within the company to help better support its policyholders struggling with drug or alcohol addiction. Referred to as the Cigna Behavioral Health division, these support services provide articles, tools, and podcasts for individuals and their family members to learn more about addiction and addiction treatment benefits. 

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What Does Cigna Cover for Rehab?

Your individual coverage and benefits for addiction treatment services will vary according to your Cigna plan. For example, if you have a bronze plan, you will generally have a lower monthly premium; however, your out-of-pocket costs and annual deductible will be higher than those of someone who has a platinum plan. Another factor that plays into your specific level of coverage is the type of treatment you receive and the state in which you reside.  Some Cigna plans require your treatment program to be an in-network provider; however, this is not the case for all plans. It is essential to mention that using an out of network provider will typically increase your out-of-pocket costs regardless of the type of plan you have. Also, some plan levels may not cover an out of network provider, and therefore you would be required to pay for one hundred percent of your expenses if you chose an out of network treatment option. For some services, Cigna requires pre-qualification before treatment can begin. If you are unsure about the pre-qualification process or what it means to you, you can contact Cigna directly or reach out to the team at My Recovery for guidance. 

Cigna benefits cover both inpatient and outpatient treatment services. Some of the services covered at the inpatient (residential) level may include detox services, addiction treatment, and partial hospitalization treatment services. As previously noted, the coverage levels and out-of-pocket expenses may vary depending on your specific plan and the state in which you live. In the outpatient setting, you can expect your Cigna plan to cover individual, family, and group therapy, intensive outpatient services, detox medication management, and anti-craving medication management. 

Cigna pays for addiction treatment at Cigna approved rehab centers for services related to most major addictions. Most rehabs that take Cigna treat nearly any addiction, including alcohol. Heroin, prescription opioids, marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, benzodiazepines, prescription stimulants (such as adderall), sleep aids/sedatives, and other substances. 

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How Long Does Cigna Pay for Rehab?

The duration of covered addiction treatment services also ranges depending on coverage level and the type of treatment received. Outpatient Cigna approved rehab centers typically cover services for the duration of a traditional outpatient program. Treatment sessions in an outpatient drug or alcohol rehab may take place one or two times each week for up to one or more years. Intensive outpatient rehabs (also called IOPs) are a more rigorous outpatient addiction treatment program. 

Intensive outpatient programs often meet between three and five days per week and last between one and three months. Some programs may last as long as six months. Inpatient residential programs require you to live at the facility while you receive treatment. Due to the nature of these programs, a wide range of services are provided, and the cost is often higher than that of outpatient programs. Inpatient programs usually last a minimum of thirty days but can last as long as three to six months. Depending on the program, Cigna may provide coverage for some or all of the duration of your treatment program. Also, Cigna may cover subsequent or follow-up treatment in the event of a relapse. This is also dependent on your coverage level and specific plan details.

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The best way to determine your level of coverage and better understand how your Cigna policy will pay for drug or alcohol addiction rehab is to check with Cigna directly or seek assistance from the knowledgeable team at My Recovery. Plans and coverage levels do vary from person to person, and therefore it is essential to understand the particular details of your individual plan before committing to a specific addiction treatment program. Depending on your plan, Cigna may require a referral or pre-authorization before services at a drug or alcohol rehab center will be covered. 

Your Cigna insurance policy may entirely or partially cover addiction treatment. In most cases, you will receive the most substantial financial benefit when you choose a Cigna in-network rehab facility. Depending on the region where you live, there may be many options to choose from, each offering different levels of care. The team at My Recovery has worked to foster relationships with the best addiction treatment providers in the nation, and we can help you find the best rehab to suit your unique addiction treatment needs. We can also work with you to help you choose a drug rehab that takes your Cigna insurance benefits. How to pay for addiction treatment is one of the most significant barriers many face when deciding to go to rehab. Your Cigna insurance policy can help ensure essential addiction treatment is within reach. Let My Recovery help you find a drug rehab that takes Cigna today. 

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