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If you’re seeking a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in Iowa, My Recovery Source is here to provide assistance. Please feel welcome to explore our directory below, and if you’re prepared to discover your customized addiction treatment solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your path towards recovery begins with our support.

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Looking for Treatment?

If you’ve ever seen someone struggling with addiction, you likely know what effect it can have on their life. Getting help is often the most challenging part of having an addiction. Even if a person decides they want help, getting the help you need can feel difficult if you don’t know where to look. Finding an addiction treatment program in Iowa doesn’t have to be a struggle, though. There are resources available that will help you not only find an Iowa drug and alcohol rehab center but to find the best rehab in Iowa for your unique addiction. After all, what works for one person may not work for you, so finding the right treatment is the important first step to overcoming your addiction. 

My Recovery Source is your local resource to find the addiction treatment facility in Iowa that works for you. We connect clients to find the best rehab center near them to help them find the best one for their needs. We also provide support and additional resources to make the path to recovery as successful as possible.

Substance Abuse Rates in Iowa

Iowa has its fair share of problems when it comes to substance abuse. The most recent data by the Iowa state government lists the drugs most commonly used in Iowa as well as the overall ranking in the United States. 

We learn from the data that Iowa has lower rates than average in overdoses and illicit substance abuse. Still, by contrast, the substances abused the most are some of the highest in the nation and some of the most deadly. This includes methamphetamine and fentanyl. 

We also see from the report that these numbers are holding steady, with a steady, though a low number of people in treatment for their addiction. This means that the rate of people being addicted is staying the same, and not enough people are getting the help they need to beat their addiction. 

Binge drinking and opioid use were also markedly higher than the national average, leading to the need for more awareness of alcohol and opioid-specific rehab programs in the state. Overall, addiction numbers in Iowa are lower than average, but the need for treatment is still incredibly high.

What Levels of Drug Rehab Are Available in Iowa?

When you search for treatment options available in Iowa with My Recovery Source, you’ll find that all levels of treatment are available depending on the needs of that person. 

The best outpatient rehab programs of varying intensity are there for those that have responsibilities and cannot stay at a facility. Inpatient programs are available for those that feel they need extra support. We also have programs that use partial hospitalization and medical supervision for those with underlying health concerns.

You can also find different styles of treatment, such as programs that combine traditional treatment options with holistic practices. These programs have been shown to have higher rates of success. We find the best rehab in Iowa for you based on the results of your assessment tests. These tests are designed to determine the client’s specific needs and refer them to the best treatment facility that matches those needs.

How to Find the Best Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Iowa

Iowa has a diverse type of places to live and love. From the small college town of Ames to the large capitol city of Des Moines, there’s a place for every person in Iowa. If you are looking for addiction treatment, escaping to Iowa, the home of corn and kid people, could be the key to your recovery. The state is well-known for its excellent economy and quality of life, complete with a “small town meets big city” vibe. This perfect balance might just be the key to your sobriety. Contact My Recovery Source to find rehab centers in Iowa that can cater to your needs.

There are many, many drug rehabs in Iowa. Especially when you do not understand what to look for in a treatment center, this can be extremely overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a large recovery network that includes many quality Iowa drug treatment centers. My Recovery Source is here to sort through this list to find the best one for you or your loved one. We are dedicated to finding the best treatment for you individually. Give us a call to learn more about individualized programs offered in and around Iowa.

We know that deciding to get help for your addiction is a serious decision and a struggle that many deal with. However, we also believe that the only way to truly get sober is to go through treatment at a licensed treatment facility. That is why we work hard to find our clients the best rehab in Iowa that meets their needs. 

Getting treatment is not just about finding a rehab facility and signing up; treatment needs to fit the situation and the individual to be effective. We help folks find the right treatment, not just generic treatments that don’t work and wind up with the client relapsing. When you’re ready to get help, let us lead you to the right treatment for you. Click or call today to get started.

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