Finding a safe, supportive rehab program might seem like a challenge if you or someone close to you is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. But My Recovery Source is here to help. My Recovery Source is a service that helps you find the best possible treatment in your area, whether an LGBTQ rehab in Florida or a detox center in Vermont.

Are There LGBTQ Addiction Treatment Programs?

Yes! You can find LGBTQ rehab in Florida. LGBTQ rehab centers enrich your emotional health and overall well-being while focusing on topics related to the experiences of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer-identified individuals.

What are the Benefits of Specialized LGBTQ Rehab Centers?

If you are a member of the LGBTQ community, finding LGBTQ addiction treatment in Florida means finding a creative, safe space for recovery. 

There are so many programs available that you need to find the right one. 

Day or Night Programs or Inpatient Rehab

No matter what type of therapy you need, you can find inpatient rehab, where you reside at a rehab facility, or outpatient rehab, where you can design day or night programs around your schedule.

Queer and Questioning

The Q in LGBTQ can stand for “queer’ or “questioning”. While the term “queer” used to be a pejorative term, it has been claimed and redefined as an umbrella term for anyone who doesn’t conform to “standard” gender identity or sexuality conceptions. This can include someone who is pansexual, someone who is asexual, or demi-sexual.


Historically the gay population has a higher rate of addiction and alcoholism than the general population. Crystal meth is one of the more popular drugs among gay men, primarily because of the prevalence of bars and dance clubs as the cultural meeting place. 


The lesbian community has long been underserved and, at the same time, is more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. The stigma and prejudices of society can lead to a great deal of internalized shame and guilt, often resulting in high levels of drinking or using just to be confident enough to socialize. 


Transgender refers to people who don’t identify with the gender they were assigned at birth. Gender identity is not necessarily tied to one’s sexual orientation. Unfortunately, social stigmas are only breaking away at a slow pace. Nearly 30% of transgender people abused drugs compared to 9% of the general population. Prejudice, violent discrimination, and challenges in finding employment contribute to the overall dress, isolation, and self-medication prevalent throughout the transgender community. 

Deviating from what is considered ordinary always results in feelings of alienation, especially for younger people. These feelings can bring with them trauma and lead to drug and alcohol addiction. Self-doubt and shame can weave through daily experiences leaving queer and questioning people into the trap of feeling like they don’t belong.

No one should have to live in that hopelessness of LGBTQ and addiction. Everyone deserves to live a life full of potential. The LGBTQ community has long been underserved when it comes to addiction, but new LGBTQ Florida rehab centers are working to change that.

Co-Occurring Disorders

With LGBTQ rehab, you can get help for co-occurring disorders. This is where you get treatment for unresolved trauma or undiagnosed mental health conditions, or diagnosed mental health conditions at the same time as your addiction.

Gender Therapy

Gender therapy is another great opportunity at the right rehab center. Gender-affirming therapists can help you better understand yourself and your gender identity in a safe environment.

Peer Support 

You deserve to have a lasting sense of self-worth. That is why pure support is such a vital component of the best Florida LGBTQ rehab. Peer support can take the form of group therapy, where you can participate in a communal healing process. It can also take the form of art therapy, music therapy, or other creative outlets.

Trauma-informed approaches

Attending LGBTQ rehab in Florida means finding a treatment center that uses trauma-informed approaches for substance abuse and mental health. The topics and traumas related to the experiences of LGBTQ individuals can be unique, and finding a facility that embraces your long-term recovery while treating trauma and substance abuse at the same time lends itself to a higher rate of success. 

Holistic therapies

In Florida, LGBTQ rehab often includes holistic treatments like Tai Chi, yoga, meditation, nutrition, NAD IV therapy, and more.

How to Find LGBTQ Rehab in Florida

You can find the right rehab center with My Recovery Source. We help pair you with Florida LGBTQ rehab using assessments and addiction quizzes to judge your individual needs. Reaching out for help can be hard, but finding the best LGBTQ rehab in Florida shouldn’t be. 

Whether you need something along the coast to reset mentally at the beach, or you want an inner-city boutique, we can help you find an option that fits your budget, goals, and needs. 

My Recovery Source can help you find the best rehabs in Florida, or wherever you live.

Let My Recovery Source help you find LGBTQ rehab in Florida today.

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