To achieve long-term recovery from substance abuse, you need to focus on maintaining your physical, mental, and psychological well-being. In addition to ongoing drug treatment, support group help, and regular exercise, you also need to focus on eating a balanced diet. Proper nutrition in recovery is important in helping you look and feel your best, it provides your brain with the essential nutrients it needs for optimal functioning and helps reduce the cravings that can lead to relapse.

In this article, you will learn the importance of proper nutrition in recovery. You will also learn what foods to eat during alcohol detox and what foods to avoid for the proper addiction recovery diet. Are you looking to address and overcome your substance abuse issues but don’t know where to start your search? My Recovery Source is the leading online directory for top-tier rehabs throughout the country. Our dedicated staff will help you find the perfect rehab that meets your unique needs. Call My Recovery Source today and find the best drug rehabs near you.

The Importance of Diet in Addiction Recovery

Having proper nutrition for recovery is vital in regaining your health. When you were actively using drugs and alcohol, you were not eating properly and were not getting the right nutrients. As a result, you are in poor health and experience malnourishment, which depletes the immune system and leaves you vulnerable to illness. Adopting good nutrition for recovery helps restore both the body and brain. Proper nutrition also helps boost the immune system, helps promote mental well-being, and gives you clean and sustainable energy to power your day.

What Foods Should You Eat For Proper Nutrition in Recovery?

When you are finding what foods to eat during alcohol detox, you need to focus on nutrient-rich foods that are low in calories and high in essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Eating a balanced diet full of nutrient-rich foods helps regulate your mood, avoid blood sugar spikes, and help regulate your mood. If you were in drug treatment, you more than likely received tips and advice from a nutritionist at the facility.

Finding the right balance of foods can take quite a bit of trial and error so don’t get discouraged or give up. The following foods should help you get on the right track:

  • Poultry and fish are rich in the amino acid tyrosine, which aids in the production of norepinephrine and dopamine, which are the brain’s natural “feel good” chemicals.
  • Yogurt is full of probiotics, which is essential for digestive tract health.
  • Bananas contain tryptophan, which aids in serotonin levels and helps you get restful sleep.
  • Vegetables contain a wide spectrum of vitamins and nutrients that improve skin and hair health and help restore regular bodily functioning.
  • Whole grain pasta helps restore digestive health that was ruined due to substance abuse.
  • If you sustained liver damage as a result of addiction, tofu may be a good food for you to try. Tofu is a great protein source that is easily digested and easy on the liver.

What Are the Foods You Should Avoid?

When you are in recovery, there are foods that you should avoid. These “avoid” food types are low in nutritional value and do nothing to restore the body. The following are common foods you should greatly limit or avoid altogether in recovery:

  • Sugar (especially sugar types such as sucrose, glucose, and dextrose) has no nutritional value and it depletes the body of vitamins and minerals. If you desire something sweet, go for items with raw cane sugar, honey, and molasses.
  • Caffeine does provide the body with a nice jolt of energy, but it stimulates the adrenal glands and can leave you sluggish. Caffeine use also lowers immunity and depletes calcium in the body which can lead to osteoporosis.
  • Additives and preservatives are made up of oversized molecules that clog the bloodstream and can damage the liver and other vital organs. Examples include aspartame and MSG.
  • Junk and fast food have little to no nutritional value, are high in calories, and leave you tired and sluggish.

Lasting Recovery is Just a Phone Call Away

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