If you or someone you love is struggling with drug addiction, inpatient rehab in Arizona can help bring you back toward the path of sobriety. Deciding to get help is one of the bravest decisions you can make. It takes strength and courage to know that it’s time to let someone else give you a hand. At My Recovery Source, we can be that hand.

What are the Benefits of Inpatient Treatment?

There are two main types of rehab: inpatient and outpatient. Inpatient treatment has a much higher success rate and lends itself to longer lengths of sobriety. In addition to being a more successful option, choosing Arizona inpatient rehab brings with it a multitude of other benefits, all of which contribute to your higher success rate.

Safe Environments

Firstly, Arizona inpatient treatment gives you a safe environment in which to recover. Not everyone who is struggling with addiction has a safe home environment. For some people, their home environment might be full of triggers, and professional or personal stress that exacerbates addiction. People who still live with or near others who abused drugs or alcohol are more likely to fail in their recovery attempts. Getting out of that environment or any environment can make it easier to reset, turn your attention inward and focus on yourself.

Structured Routines

You can enjoy structured routines while living at your inpatient rehab in Arizona. Stress and anxiety can significantly exacerbate addiction but having the stress and anxiety of planning your day and getting everything accomplished taken away means a higher chance of relaxation and personal insight.

When you remain at an inpatient facility, your daily routine is you can relax and focus on nothing else aside from your recovery. Everything else is taken care of for you, including your meals and medication. 

24 Hour Supervision

A big part of inpatient rehab in Arizona is 24-hours supervision. 24-hours supervision lends itself to always having staff members available to offer medical support in the event that you need it. This is especially important during the detox part of your recovery, where staff members can monitor your vitals at all hours and provide things like over-the-counter medications to ease your discomfort. 


Perhaps equally important is the emotional support you get. With inpatient rehab in Arizona, you are surrounded by people to understand your struggle. This includes people who may have gone through recovery themselves or struggled with multiple attempts at getting clean. In your home environment, you don’t necessarily have a supportive group of people who understand what addiction is, how difficult every day can be when you are striving for sobriety, and how to offer psychological or emotional support during that time.

What is Inpatient Treatment Like?

Every Arizona inpatient treatment program will look a little different depending on what classes are assigned to you and what types of therapy or amenities you are making use of. Still, a typical day might look like the following:

8 a.m. —– breakfast in the main dining hall

9 a.m. —– Cognitive Behavioral Therapy session

10 a.m. —– Guided meditation

10:30 a.m. —– Yoga or other exercises

11: 30 a.m. —– Lunch

1 p.m. —– Group therapy

2 p.m. —– Group activity

3 p.m. —– Individual therapy

Suppose you are undertaking a few different types of treatments as part of your inpatient rehab in Arizona. In that case, you might have a different schedule depending on the day of the week, having things like group therapy three days per week and individual therapy five days per week. Again, this depends entirely on the facility.

Many facilities that provide Arizona inpatient treatment also have free time scheduled into your daily routine, but free time that you use while still on the property, making use of other amenities available like nature walks, horseback riding, art therapy, and the music room, reading, or other activities.

How to Find Inpatient Rehab in Arizona

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