Addiction affects everyone, no matter their sexual orientation. People within the LGBTQ community struggle twice as much as others regarding drug and alcohol abuse. Self-medication might seem like the only option when dealing with issues like:

  • Bad family relationships,
  • Bullying,
  • Homophobia,
  • Trauma associated with coming out,
  • Mental health disorders, 
  • Negative internalized emotions, 
  • Discomfort in expressing gender identity or sexual orientation

Thankfully, if you are struggling with addiction, you can find LGBTQ rehabs in California that specialize in working with LGBTQ community members.

Are There LGBTQ Rehabs in California?

Yes! If you are struggling with addiction or with mental health concerns associated with traumatic incidents or discrimination, you can find California LGBTQ addiction treatment that allows you to explore the issues that might be contributing to your addiction, learn alternative coping methods, and prevent relapse.

With LGBTQ rehabs in California, you can participate in a multitude of programs like the following:

  1. Cognitive behavioral therapy is an individual and group therapy that can help you understand what problematic events May have contributed to your addiction or your mental health disorders. Cognitive behavioral therapy is very effective in controlling negative thoughts and actions and dealing with situations where you might have misdirected the pain and suffering you endured by turning it Inward and letting it manifest as self-hate or depression.
  2. You can also participate in other individual counseling or group counseling. Group counseling can give you a safe, supportive network of individuals who are also part of the LGBTQ community and have struggled with similar discrimination, self-loathing, and addiction.
  3. Family counseling is an excellent opportunity to explore issues in your relationships and learn how to better communicate what you need from family members and close friends. Family counseling at California LGBTQ rehabs doesn’t have to include biological families. It can include those who are closest to you, those who supported you when you came out, and others.

What are the Benefits of LGBTQ Addiction Treatment?

Choosing LGBTQ rehabs in California gives you specialized programs, different treatment options, and the chance for mental health treatment as well. 

LGBTQ Specialized Programs

Specialized LGBTQ programs can provide a safe space where you feel more comfortable opening up. With California LGBTQ rehabs, you get a chance to participate in group therapy with people who have had similar struggles and who have dealt with persecution, bullying, or discrimination. You get a chance to recognize that you have a support structure available to you even if it doesn’t seem like it.

Mental Health Treatment

Many people within the LGBTQ community struggle with addiction or substance abuse because they use drugs and alcohol to self-medicate. But with the right California LGBTQ addiction rehab program, you can incorporate therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy to address mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety.

Different Treatment Options

The right LGBTQ rehab gives you other treatment options beyond just physical substance abuse detox or group therapy; they give you holistic treatment too. Holistic treatments can involve things like meditation and yoga, nature walks, animal-assisted therapy, and much more. Different treatment options mean you are more likely to find a program that truly works for your situation, background, and needs.

How to Find the Best LGBTQ Rehabs in California

If you are ready to get help, let My Recovery Source help you find California LGBTQ rehabs. Our goal is to help connect you to a wide range of California LGBTQ addiction treatments no matter where in the state of California you are or what co-occurring disorders you might struggle with.

  • With LGBTQ rehabs, you can get things like medication-assisted detox to ease the discomfort of your withdrawal symptoms and reduce your cravings. Long-term, this can facilitate a higher chance of sobriety.
  • With different LGBTQ rehabs in California, you can choose a location that’s right along the coast in the Bay Area or Southern California, depending on your preferences. You can also pick a facility that provides short-term or extended care options. You might not have the time to extract yourself from your daily requirements or responsibilities and disappear for months, in which case outpatient treatment works better. 
  • The right programs will cultivate ongoing outpatient care by integrating drug and alcohol addiction treatment with 12-step programs, sober activities, and mental health support.

Our directory helps you refine your search results based on things like the types of therapies offered, which LGBTQ rehabs in California accept your insurance, and more. 
Let My Recovery Source help you find addiction treatment for you at LGBTQ rehabs in California.

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