Most people know that the best way to deal with addiction is by going into rehab. Even if you haven’t had personal experience with addiction, you’ve likely heard about how rehab is the best place for a person to get sober. While this is true, not all rehabs are the same, and if the treatment program isn’t designed with the right steps in mind, there’s a chance that the person going through treatment will ultimately relapse. 

The reason why not all rehab programs are effective is that each addiction is unique, just like the person suffering from it. Some programs use the same treatments and solutions for all of their clients, and this leads to a higher rate of relapse and clients who continue to struggle with their addiction. The truth is, an individualized drug rehab program is the preferred method for those that want the best chances of getting sober and staying sober for the long term. 

My Recovery Source is a powerful tool for those looking for addiction treatment that is right for them. Thanks to our wide network of providers, we specialize in providing a wide array of treatment options and services to people with addiction and their families. In this post, we are going to look at addiction, what causes it, how each addiction is unique, how individual therapy and an individualized addiction treatment plan can help and how My Recovery Source is the place to go to find the best drug rehab near you.

What Causes Addiction? 

Addiction is caused by what happens when a person starts using a drug. Every drug that we put into our bodies has an effect on our bodies in some way. Over time, that effect changes the way our body works. From the brain to the central nervous system, the body becomes accustomed to having that substance present to function normally.  

Once this change occurs and the body becomes dependent on a drug, the individual becomes addicted. 

However, another component that typically plays a role in whether a person becomes totally addicted is whether or not they have a need or want to continue using. For instance, they may feel they need to continue taking a drug to deal with a problem, or they may want to continue using because of how the drug makes them feel or to cope with an issue in their everyday life. These two factors are what make up the majority of addictions. 

How is Every Substance Use Disorder Unique? 

The reason that every substance use disorder is unique is that the way a drug interacts with each person, their experiences with it, withdrawal symptoms, and recovery are all different for each person. Two people can do the exact same drug for the same amount of time and have two different experiences. 

There will certainly be some similarities as with anything, but each addiction and the subsequent journey the person goes on to get clean will be different, which is why there is no one size fits all solution.

What is an Individualized Addiction Treatment Plan? 

An individualized addiction treatment plan is a recovery plan tailored to the individual, meaning their addiction history, life factors, health and support system. The type of treatment the person receives will be based on their specific needs.

Personalized addiction treatment works to address the specific needs of the individual and the problems they experience to provide the tools necessary to live a life free of addiction. Other programs simply treat the drug the person is using. 

What Are the Benefits of Individualized Addiction Treatment?

 There are many benefits to individualized addiction treatment. 

First, as we mentioned, individualized treatment has a better chance of long-term recovery than other programs. Because of the personalized treatment, you are able to cope with your own addiction better and learn the skills necessary to return to a normal life. 

Another benefit is that individualized treatment takes into account your personal situation, such as health concerns that you may have. Going through treatment can be difficult for the body. Without the proper support, the process of detox and withdrawal can cause serious health problems. When combined with existing issues, this can even be deadly. 

Lastly, an individualized treatment plan means you can access the specific support services you need. Therapy is only one part of the process, the ongoing support that you get from your treatment facility plays a major role in your recovery as well. 

My Recovery Source Can Help You Find the Best Individualized Addiction Treatment Program

We know how hard it can be to finally decide to get help. Once you do, My Recovery Source is here to find you the individualized treatment you need to get you sober and help you stay that way. Contact us today and ask about our treatment options and how our assessments and quizzes work to find you the right treatment. No one has to go it alone against their addiction, let us help you right away.

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