If you haven’t been through addiction treatment yourself, then you would be forgiven for thinking that there is only one way to treat addiction. Addiction is a complex and lifelong disease that affects millions of people from all walks of life. Because of how complicated it can be, dealing with addiction takes multiple approaches from multiple disciplines. Rather than focusing on just traditional therapy, many treatment facilities have decided to combine a range of different approaches to give those struggling with addiction a better chance at a long-term recovery since no two addictions are the same. 

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What Purpose Do Different Types of Addiction Treatment Serve? 

Traditional treatment options for addiction work to get rid of the drug the person is using and help them process their addiction and return to a normal life. While these skills are valuable and necessary for the recovery process, modern research has shown that there is much more to getting over an addiction than just removing the substance from the body. 

Addiction’s mental, physical, and emotional impacts are incredibly hard to deal with just one form of treatment. That’s why many treatment facilities have moved to incorporate other types of treatment to address the different aspects of addiction that are not covered by traditional therapy. If you’re looking for a place to search through the different types of treatment and find the ones that match your specific needs, then you need to visit us at My Recovery Source. 

What Are the Types of Addiction Treatment? 

Depending on the level of care you need, there are different types of treatment that work on different aspects of addiction in a different way. Some programs use a combination of detox and inpatient treatment to get clients to focus solely on their recovery. This often combines traditional therapies like talk and group therapy, with other more specialized programs like cognitive behavioral therapy, and 12-step facilitation.

Besides the clinic approach, there are other options as well, though. Many programs have been including family therapy options to help deal with emotional and relationship issues that come with addiction. 

One other treatment type that is becoming more and more popular is the use of treatments like animal therapy, music, and art therapy. These holistic treatments have been shown to greatly affect addiction recovery when used in tandem with other treatment methods like group counseling and talk therapy. 

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What Are Some Benefits of Different Types of Addiction Treatment? 

There are many benefits to the different types of addiction treatment. 

For instance, traditional treatment, along with behavioral therapy, can work to identify the triggers and underlying causes of addiction. With this information it is possible to manage cravings and develop skills to reduce the chances of a relapse. 

When we look at family therapy as an option, this is an essential type of treatment because it not only allows the person addicted to have some support from their family, but they can also work through emotional issues that may make having an addiction even worse. Clearing up underlying emotional conflicts with friends and family can go a long way toward preventing relapse. 

Holistic therapies are supplemental to other treatment options but work to help different aspects of addiction. As an example, yoga therapy is one of many holistic therapies used to improve clients’ mental health while they undergo treatment. Addiction damages a person’s body, mind, and spirit; holistic therapies help reverse some of this damage. 

How My Recovery Source Can Help Find the Treatment You Need 

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