When you are in a rehab program, you are supervised to ensure you stay clean and keep stressors under control. But once you get out of rehab, you go back to your normal life and all the factors that drew you to use in the first place. What will you do? How will you stay clean? 

Fortunately, several facilities offer relapse prevention programs that help you maintain sobriety. This article will let you know what those programs are about, so you have an idea of what happens after rehab ends. 

What Happens After Rehab Ends? 

A variety of things may happen after rehab ends. One scenario is to move on to a sober living facility. The facility will help you transition back into your everyday day. They will give you a place to stay and teach you job skills so you can find employment once you move on.

If you don’t choose to stay within a sober living home, it is hopeful that you have a family that will give you the support you need to stay clean. But no matter what your situation is, many facilities provide relapse prevention programs that include therapy, alumni events, and other programs, so you don’t go back to your old ways. 

What is Relapse Prevention? 

Let’s start by getting a clear idea of what relapse is. 

Relapse occurs when someone goes back to a state of illness after a period of wellness. In terms of addiction, it means a person will go back to doing drugs after getting clean. 

Relapse prevention programs can include several forms of therapy and treatments, including the following:

Outpatient therapy: Outpatient therapy involves the patient continuing to see a therapist after they have checked out of rehab. They may do partial hospitalization that requires them to stay in a facility 6-8 hours a day while staying busy with work and family the rest of the time. Or they may do an intensive outpatient or outpatient program instead, which involves a few sessions a week. 

Outpatient therapy may involve a variety of therapies, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, family therapy, group therapy and more. The medical professionals you are working with will determine the best option for you. 

Alumni Programs: Alumni programs include events hosted by a rehab facility for those who have graduated. They include sporting events, picnics, outings, and more. The idea is to make the individual feel they are part of something. The program reduces depression that may have led them to use. 

Self-Care: if the facility does not offer an outpatient program, you may choose your own method of therapy. You may see a private psychologist or attend group meetings like AA and NA. 

Sober living facilities can also be a part of aftercare. 

What is the Importance of Relapse Prevention Programs in Addiction Treatment?

According to studies, most addicts relapse within one year of treatment. Relapse prevention helps them stay clean. 

There are many reasons why people relapse, but it often happens after they get out of rehab. They must face the stressors that once drove them to use. They may also see the crowd they used with and the places they used at and be tempted to go back to their old ways. 

Relapse prevention programs give them the support they need to resist temptation and deal with their stressors in a healthy way. 

How to Find Relapse Prevention

If you go online, you will find several facilities that offer relapse prevention programs as well as group therapy and psychologists that can help you get clean. But how do you know which is right for you? You can spend hours doing research and calling clinics, or you can save yourself time by contacting My Recovery Source first. 

My Recovery Source is a free resource that provides recommendations to help you find the rehab facilities that are best suited to your needs. My Recovery Source can help place with the facility best for you, whether that be inpatient rehab in California or an outpatient program in Florida. They will assist you regardless of your background, location, and personal or financial situation. They can get you or a loved one on a path to recovery. 
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