Addiction is all too common of an issue. It can start for many reasons. In some instances, people will self-medicate using drugs and alcohol to relieve mental or physical illness symptoms. In other cases, they start out using recreationally, and it becomes a problem. Often, it’s a mix of both. 

People typically try drugs and alcohol for the first time in their teenage years. Sometimes their experiences are experimental, and sometimes they are a sign of a bigger problem. This article will look at the top 8 reasons why teens try drugs and alcohol. 

Top 8 Reasons Why Teens Try Drugs and Alcohol

  1. Peer Pressure: Teens often do drugs because their friends are doing them. They don’t want to be left out or seem uncool. 
  2. Rebellion: Teens may do drugs to rebel against their parents and society. This can be more likely to happen if drinking and drugs are strictly forbidden in the household. 
  3. To Feel Good: Some teens want to try drugs to see how they will make them feel. They are hoping to experience the pleasurable sensation drugs are said to offer. 
  4. Media: The media often sensationalizes drug use, making it look like it’s cool. Teens may try drugs to be like their favorite rock star, actor, or influencer.
  5. Self Medication: Teens that have a mental health disorder may use drugs to relieve their symptoms. While drugs may provide temporary relief, they will often take them on a downward spiral in the long run. 
  6. Boredom: Some teens may try drugs simply because they are bored. They may try alcohol for instant excitement if they are sitting home with nothing to do and the liquor cabinet is nearby. 
  7. Lack of Confidence: Shy Teens may try drugs and alcohol because it gives them the confidence to socialize and fit in with others better. 
  8. To Emulate Other People: Sometimes, teens drink or do drugs to emulate other people. They see their parents, friends, and idols using illicit substances, which makes them want to try them. 

How to Get a Teen Help with Addiction Today

Some teens that do drugs and alcohol try them experimentally. After doing so, they may decide that drugs are not for them. In other cases, they may learn how to be responsible and continue to integrate legal substances into recreational activities. 

But others may continue to use heavily, causing an addiction to form. This can be difficult for a parent, but if you notice your teen showing signs of addiction, it’s essential to get them help as soon as possible. 

Many rehab programs are specially made for teens. Facilities offer sessions after school, and transportation is often provided. These centers understand what teens are going through and will cater to their needs during this pivotal stage of life. 

How My Recovery Source Can Help

If you search “rehab center near me,” you will find a variety of options. But which one is best for your teen? My Recovery Source will help you make an educated choice. 

My Recovery Source will find you a center that’s right for your teen regardless of location, background, finances, and personal situation. Their services are free with no strings attached. They will assist you in getting the best possible help for your child. 
Teen addiction is extremely hard on parents, but you can find the center that will get them on a path to wellness with the right resources. Contact My Recovery Source for the guidance you need to help your child overcome their dependency issues.

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