When a person starts doing drugs, they will notice it affects their relationships personally and professionally. When it comes to working, an individual who is abusing drugs may be unable to function productively, or they may stop showing up completely. 

Being aware of signs of drug abuse in the workplace can be useful on many levels. It can be a wake-up call for the person using, as they recognize how the drugs are negatively impacting their performance and life.

Knowing the signs of drug use in the workplace can also let employers know when an employee is going too far so they can decide what steps need to be taken to get them the help they need.

This article will explore the signs of work drug use so you can take the right steps when someone is using drugs at work. 

How Can Substance Abuse Impact Work?

There are many functional drug users that may be able to balance work and addiction for some time. But after a while, it will catch up to you. You may find yourself so hungover you are unable to come to work. You may also get drug sick if you don’t have drugs in your system, which causes you to be unable to function. 

Your condition may leave you unable to drive, so you can’t get to work safely unless you can rely on public transportation. If you do make it to work, you may find you are unable to complete tasks and be productive. After a while, your employer and co-workers are likely to catch on, and are status at work could be in jeopardy.

What are the Signs of Drug Abuse in the Workplace?

If you work in an office, you may find that your employee or someone you work with has begun acting strangely. Here are some signs that drug abuse may be behind their newly acquired behavior. 

  • A lack of self-care
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Poor attendance and lateness
  • Asking co-workers to borrow money
  • Asking employers for payday advances
  • Physical signs of addiction such as excessive sweating, changes in skin tone, pinned or dilated pupils, deteriorating teeth and gums
  • A lack of interest in work and withdrawal from socializing
  • Taking breaks frequently to get drugs or go to the bathroom to use

How an Employer May React to Drug Abuse in the Workplace

If an employer sees signs of drug abuse in the workplace, they are likely to take you into a private meeting so they can address your habit in the presence of the HR staff. 

They may offer to get you treatment. If you are a valuable employee who has been with the company for a while, they may be able to get you checked into a rehab program with costs covered by the business insurance policy. 

It may be difficult to agree to get help, but if someone is offering to cover your expenses, it’s advisable to say yes. This way, you can keep your job, get the affordable care you require and move on to a higher quality of life. 

How to Get Substance Abuse Help Today

Addiction can impact anyone. If you are dealing with substance abuse and it’s starting to affect your work performance, don’t wait to get the care you need. Reach out today. 

Finding the right facility can be difficult. You must think about choosing a center that offers the right atmosphere, appropriate treatment, and qualified staff. You can spend hours researching, or you can make the task easier by calling My Recovery Source first. 

My Recovery Source is a free service specializing in matching people with a rehab facility best suited to their needs. We provide help regardless of your location or financial or personal situation. We can assist you or a loved one in getting the care you require. Addiction can wreck your personal and professional life. Don’t let it get the best of you. Reach out to My Recovery Source today. We will give you the guidance you need to get on a healthier, happier trajectory.

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