It is extremely difficult to deal with a loved one that is addicted to illicit substances. It’s devastating watching the person ruining their lives while you seem to have no power to stop them. You may ask them to get help, but everything you do and say is wrong. 

There is no surefire way to cure your loved one’s dependency issues, but Al-Anon can give you the tools to help you cope. Read on to find out Al-Anon what to expect. 

What Is Al-Anon?

Al-Anon was founded in 1951, six years after the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is based on a similar theory following the 12-step program with the exception of the twelfth step. Here is alters the term ‘alcoholics’ to ‘others’. 

The group defines itself as a fellowship with the purpose of helping alcoholics’ friends and relatives. It gives them an outlet for sharing their experiences in the hopes of solving common problems. It provides comfort to the families helping them understand the person battling alcohol addiction and encouraging them to get better. 

Al-Anon: What to Expect

Al-Anon meetings are free meetings that take place at various locations in various communities. They may be located in a church or rec center. They are free to attend. If you google online, you will find one near you. 

If you’re wondering Al-Anon what to expect, during the meeting, people in the group will have a chance to speak. If you don’t want to speak, you can just listen. 

People will tell you about their success stories, about how Al-Anon worked for them. Others may discuss their problems in the hopes of finding solutions from other members. The sharing experience makes attendees feel like they are not alone. 

You will also get tips on how to deal with your loved one to maintain a trusting relationship that will hopefully lead to recovery. 

Members may also become friends outside the group making for even more of a community. 

Studies show that when families are involved in the recovery process, addicts are more likely to successfully leave their dependence issues behind. 

How To Get Your Loved One Into Rehab

For families and addicts, the hardest step to recovery is often making the decision to get help. The addict may feel like they don’t have a problem, or they may not truly want to get better. 

An intervention is often used to get addicts help. This involves the individual’s closest family members and friends gathering at a specific location where they know the person will be. The person should not know the intervention is happening or they may not show up. 

Before the intervention occurs, families should set up treatment so the patient can be checked in immediately if they agree to get help. 

During the intervention, friends and family members tell the person how much they mean to them and why they want them to get help. They must also warn the person that if they don’t get help, they will be dismissed from their lives. This can include withholding friendship, funds and no longer allowing the person to live in their home. 

If the person agrees to treatment, great. If not, the attendees must stick to their promise of not interacting with the person until they get help. It is hopeful that they will hit rock bottom and have no other choice than to get sober. 

Addiction is hard to deal with. While the addict suffers, it can be even harder for families and friends to watch their loved ones deteriorate. Al-Anon can help. Go to a meeting today to take the first step to make a better life for yourself and the ones around you. For help finding a location near you, My Recovery Source is the place to go. 

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